Everyday Leadership is about Leading Yourself

It was a pleasure to join you in an exploration on how to lead our futures.  To help you remember our conversation, here are the three main points.  I hope you can put these to good use, both your in your personal life and at Finalta.


1-Leadership vs. Victimship

This is how we define Leadership, in a nut shell:

To learn more about Leadership and Victimship:

2-Get into action

To find precisely what to do, we need to identify the areas in our lives where we might be experiencing victimship. And then identify what our Beliefs, Intentions, Promises and Actions are around that area.

After you found out the main misalignments, identify concrete actions to fix them. You can use this tool to create an action plan:

Most of these actions imply conversations. Here are some tips to have you those conversations. 

Aligning Beliefs, Intentions, Promises and Actions can take some courage, but it is the key to drive change in a particular direction and add value.

3-Create a habit

I hope you left the event motivated to create powerful changes in your life. It is a shame, that inspiration doesn't usually last longer than a couple of days. Sometimes, not even that. 

So what drives personal change? It is about creating daily rituals to move you in the right direction. And following them up for 100 days. Because our brain takes that to create new connections. After that, nothing will stop you. 

Leadership is having the capacity to generate changes that add value.
(Victimship is to do nothing about it, because you have a reason)