Engaging Employees: Beyond Sticks & Carrots

It was a pleasure to spend time together discussing how HR can be a lot more instrumental in driving business strategies.  To help you remember our conversation, here are the three main points.  I hope you can put these to good use and transform whatever you touch.

Motivating People: Beyond Sticks & Carrots - Athens, February 2017

Motivating People: Beyond Sticks & Carrots - Athens, February 2017

1-Don't just talk about change

Listing values and behaviours may create awareness, but it does not help people change.   Behaviours are outputs, so it is key to change the inputs, which are our Beliefs and there are specific tools to do this. 

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So, favour conversations that inform beliefs and avoid too much talk about how people should behave.  Try to understand what their thoughts are around those behaviours (use ethnography more than surveys) and help develop the right Beliefs, which will help people do what's important.

2-Create a shared purpose

We all need to have a sense of purpose to engage with what we do.  Making profit your purpose is never enough.  A strong purpose will focus us on what we can give (rather on what we get).   A culture based on a 'giving' purpose is more sustainable, motivating and able to drive people together.

3-Align Moments of Truth(c)

Culture is the 'aggregate of all conversations that occur in a given context'.   To steer those conversations to build a shared purpose, informing the right beliefs, we talked about the Moments of Truth(c), which are the most typical interactions between employees and the organisation.   Make a list of these moments, identifying those which are most obviously misaligned, making your focus to restore their alignment.

Leadership is having the courage to generate changes that add value.
(Victimship is to do nothing about it, because you have a reason)

Happy to continue the conversation.  Just reach out via any of the social media channels or email me directly.  I am really happy to support all those changing this world of work.