3 Lies About Change and Leadership

It was a pleasure to join you in an exploration of how to quickly change and sustain the culture of an organisation.  To help you remember our conversation, here are the four main points: 3 lies about change and a more useful definition of leadership.  I hope you can put these to good use, both your in your personal life and at the Royal Household.


LIE #1: People Change
Because we Tell them to

STOP telling people about the values and behaviours you expect them to have, ignoring how human brains really work
START helping people believe in what’s important, creating coherence in your organisation and they will value and behave accordingly

Here is how it can be imagined visually:

Screen Shot 2017-01-21 at 17.40.12.png

LIE #2: People are Selfish and Self-Centered

STOP managing with sticks and carrots, as this creates ‘what’s in it for me’ cultures, silos and long-term disengagement
START bringing profit and purpose together, getting your business to add value to society and making everyone proud of it

Here is about bringing purpose into everything you do:

LIE #3: Culture Change
Takes Time (and we don't have it)

STOP hiding behind the biggest excuse on earth, because what stops change is the lack of courage, not of time
START encouraging the right conversations in your organisation, dealing with fears, agendas and power games

The courage to create those changes is a true leadership. Here is a definition:

Leadership is having the capacity to generate changes that add value.
(Victimship is to do nothing about it, because you have a reason)