3 Behavioural Economics Tips to Honour your New Year Resolutions

50 days ago, 75% of us committed to New Year Resolutions.  Already, over 30% have dropped the ball and in another 30 days, 80% of us would have given up completely.

Rather than analysing why, here's what you can do to avoid becoming a stat:

  • ONE,  get your original list and re-write it using rich descriptions of what you want to change in your life (Construal Level Theory >>)
  • TWO, share the new list with friends and family.  Post it in Facebook or LinkedIn, making your commitments public and if you can't do this, go back to step one (The Rule of Commitment >> )
  • THREE, schedule 1 concrete action for tomorrow that will move you in the right direction.  Don't think of big results, just take the next step in the right direction.  Owning the direction of your next step is a lot more powerful than worrying about getting there (Acceptance and Commitment Theory>>)

Once you get where you want to go, do let me know.