3 Big Fat Lies about Change


Three fundamental misconceptions when it comes to humans and organisations. 
Please make sure your Change Programs are not built on these foundations.  

LIE #1:
People Change
Because we Tell them to


STOP telling people about the values and behaviours you expect them to have, ignoring how our brains really work
START helping people believe in what’s important, creating coherence in your organisation and they will value and behave accordingly

LIE #2:
People are Selfish
and Self-Centered


STOP managing with sticks and carrots, as this creates ‘what’s in it for me’ cultures, silos and long-term disengagement
START bringing profit and purpose together, getting your business to add value to society and making everyone proud of it

LIE #3: 
Culture Change
Takes Time


STOP hiding behind the biggest excuse on earth, because what stops change is the lack of courage, not of time.
START encouraging the right conversations in your organisation, dealing with fears, agendas and power games

Of course, someone may choose to believe in these lies. 

But don’t let them complain about the status quo.