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Change is not storytelling.

I’m a Cultural Architect who has helped accelerate the behaviours of millions of people in organisations and cities.


The harder the change, the more we enjoy to have it happen. 


□ Is your client about to launch something new?  Do they need to get teams truly behind it?

□ Are people getting tired of ‘inspirational’ talks?  Could they do with something they can apply immediately and know it will last?

□ Is the organisation getting too much ‘victimship’ in the way people talk?  Is the language about barriers and reasons why change won’t work?

□ Do you ignore millennials (when they might just have the answer)?


My talks have been shared with more than 100K people. Achieve tangible results in only three months.


I spoke to 7,200 entrepreneurs at CREA, Buenos Aires, at the HR Symposium for KPMG in Athens, to executives at the Deutsche Bank Global Treasury Retreat in Singapore, and at the London Business Forum for BAFTA in London—just in the last three months.


Conference #1

Conference #2

Conference #3

Conference #4


I am very happy to discuss potential events together with yourself and your clients.  This is an honest way to assess the right fit, refine the direction of the session and create strong ownership for the success of the talk.



When can I make a difference?

- when your client is having a ‘people issue’ (leadership, teamwork, culture, motivation, diversity, engagement) that is getting in the way of their business

- when the organisation needs to make real change happen and can’t afford to wait any longer

- when there is a sense of frustration, hopelessness, lack of focus, loss of energy

In any case, it is always best to get all of us on a call, to explore if & how.