Few things are worse than a disengaged workforce but some employee engagement initiatives can be counter-productive. At this event, I showed why values and mission statements are not enough to bring about behavioural change and motivate your employees' to give their very best. Behaviours are outcomes not inputs; they are an expression of people's beliefs.

100 heads of police of the city of Buenos Aires exploring how to lead a positive mind shift among the police forces (March '17)

Video call to FT Global Treasury Retreat in Singapore, to discuss how to cultivate leadership to create change (December '16)

Honour to speak at the IAM Annual Dinner about ways to create trust, teamwork, engagement and commitment (November '16)

6,000 CREA participants learning about Culture change in Buenos Aires (Sept '16)

Advising over a 100 professionals from across industries how to drive Culture to support business strategy (March '17)

Helping HPE team at their headquarters in Houston to drive Culture change to deliver the new business strategy (February '17)