"You can speak well if your tongue can deliver
the message of your heart" (John Ford)



Telling people to engage, collaborate or innovate is like warning someone about a speed limit. It becomes a sign in the road that reminds us to avoid getting a ticket. Once far enough from the camera, we revert to our old behaviours. 

Behaviours are outcomes, not inputs. To change actions, we need to change beliefs.  And that requires a very different approach. I believe in smart interventions that quickly nudge old habits into new behaviours.

But sometimes, to bring an organisation into action all is needed is a spark.



Speaking Topics

I speak on a variety of topics, but those listed below are requested most often.


Profit on Purpose: Meaning that Makes Money

Finding a sense of purpose at work is essential for people—and for profit.

Most of us work for more than 50% of our waking hours for over 50 years of our lives. Instead of trading purpose for earnings, I’ll show you how profit is not a purpose, but a direct metric of your impact.


Lead Between the Lines: A Leadership Attitude for Everyone

Leadership is not some theoretical knowledge that develops through tips and quotes. It’s about wanting to make changes that add value—and having the courage to do so. In this engaging two-hour experience, you'll be empowered to be less of a victim and more of a leadership in every aspect of your life. 


Beyond Sticks and Carrots: Engaging Today’s Workforce

Few things are worse than a disengaged workforce.

Motivating human beings doesn't require bribery or flattery. Using analogies from the world of sport, I’ll show you how to create a high challenge, low threat environment that brings out your employees’ very best.


Change Culture, Fast: Turning Good Intentions into Great Behaviours

Believe it or not, but cultural issues are getting in the way of your business's strategy.

This is a workshop for top teams who are interested in rethinking their culture. Time isn't going to help your business; time in the enemy of change. 

Javier’s approach to leadership development has had a significant effect on the way my team behaves and deals with work challenges.
Stephen Zatland
Senior Executive, Accenture
As a result of Javier’s input, our business turn-around has been much healthier and faster than would have otherwise been the case.
Frank Lee
Country General Manager, Hewlett-Packard Consulting

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