I help organisations and cities live their culture,
so they can get on with their purpose.


(Sorry, no workshops or campaigns where people talk about change.
Just the real thing.  Fast, natural and very different.)





Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires


Culture is the personality of an organisation. It is what engages people (employees, partners, investors, clients) to make things happen.

It drives everyday decisions, inspiring high performance, customer value, and the sustainability of a business.

Culture is not what the posters say it is. It is what people talk about when we are not watching. 

I help leaders create the culture that will drive their strategy.


As with organisations, culture is the personality of a city. It informs the way locals and visitors feel, driving their choice of behaviour in the way they interact with the city and with each other.

The way we drive in Rome, how we use public spaces in Manhattan, interact with pedestrians in London or dispose of our rubbish in Buenos Aires is affected by each culture.

I work with City Governments to create a good quality of life
for those living there.


Change Fatigue is Over

Change Fatigue can kill your strategy. Most organisations have overdone their change initiatives in recent years, causing widespread disbelief in their workforces and a reluctance to give it a go.

 Expensive announcements of the next big thing showing a shiny set of values and behaviours is unlikely to change people’s everyday behaviours soon enough to make a difference. 

However, people’s attitude to change can be restored in about three months.


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How to Build a Culture of Trust


Without trust, it is hard to make things happen.  People don’t collaborate, talent leaves and clients don’t buy.
Here’s a recent article I wrote for The Guardian, where I try to explore what has gone wrong that eroded trust in so many ways.  I also propose an alternative way to build a culture of trust in organisations.



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